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Calcium Supplements increase risk of heart disease

The Daily Express yesterday had the front page headline "Health Pills Heart Attack Danger". It was reporting on research that showed taking calcium supplements increases the chance of having a heart attack. If you are a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor like myself then these results will not be wholly surprising. Each different "Metabolic Type", which can be determined through an online questionnaire here, has different needs for foods and nutrients. So, although we all need all the same vitamins and minerals each type reacts differently to higher levels of each nutrient. This is what this research has looked at, higher doses of calcium on top of the normal diet calcium. What the research obviously doesn't look at is what Metabolic Type each of the participants are. Could it be that the people with increased heart attacks are the Metabolic Types that don't react well to increased calcium levels? There is no way to know.

Let me give an example of a Metabolic Typing. If we look at some one who is a "Fast Oxidiser, just one of the types. This means they convert their fuel / food into energy very quickly. These types need higher intakes of protein, i.e. meat and fat i.e. butter than carbohydrates. Protein and fats convert to energy slower so a Fast Oxidiser does better on these foods as it balances their metabolism. A fast oxidiser eating a high carbohydrate cereal breakfast is like adding dry kindling wood to an already raging fire, it will burn too quickly, and the person will be hungry again very soon after breakfast. On the other hand if they eat a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs the fuel is like damp logs on the raging fire, it will lessen the rate of the fire, and consequently this breakfast will last the person until lunch without hunger.

This scenario is the same for vitamins and minerals. If a Fast Oxidiser takes high doses of a mineral that makes them an even faster oxidiser then they will be further pushing their metabolism in the wrong direction. The vitamins and minerals that work for them are the ones that slow their oxidation rate, balancing them.

The research above does mention that they only looked at people taking calcium supplements in isolation, this means they weren't taking other nutrients that aid its absorption, such as Vitamin D. Click here to find an fantastic liquid Vitamin D spray that also has Vitamin K2 in it. This formula basically helps the calcium go where it is meant to.

The research also doesn't take into account the diets of the people studied. For example if some of these people were on a high intake of high calcium foods, such as milk and cheese, already then the calcium supplements would significantly be pushing above what is required for optimum health.

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Have you ever wondered why one person looks well as a vegetarian and another doesn't? Or why your friend lost weight on a particular diet and you gained weight? Or why a celebrity looks fantastic on raw food and you felt hungry, tired and ill! These questions relate to our metabolic individuality, basically we are all different and have different requirements for food. If you would like to improve your health by understanding more about Metabolic Typing click here.