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Balancing lood sugar using RVL weight loss system

Blood sugar balance is the way to healthy weight loss and importantly to keep it off for good without any yo-yo effect. Too much carbohydrate in the diet causes a spike in blood sugar and insulin release to bring it down. Insulin causes carbohydrate and sugar to be stored as fat. Interestingly natural fats don’t spike blood sugar so are actually less likely to cause fat gain. To prove this we can observe that we have more low calorie, low fat, low sugar foods than ever before, yet as a population obesity is epidemic. You must think different about the way you lose weight! RVL and blood sugar balance is the answer.
Insulin often causes a large crash of blood sugar as it over compensates and takes too much sugar out the blood, this can cause tiredness and the shakes. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is then released to get sugar into the blood again. The nature of cortisol is that it causes
fat storage and stops weight loss. So high blood sugar and low blood sugar causes fat storage. And guess what most people think the way to lose weight is? To eat less! You can now see this causes fat storage as the body becomes stressed and secretes cortisol.
The answer then is to keep your blood sugar balanced by eating meals that are balanced between protein, fat and carbohydrate and to have a snack or RVL shake in between these meals. Or you can use RVL as a meal replacement as you must NOT miss any meals, you certainly won’t go hungry on this weight loss plan. In this way your body will be less stressed and every cell will have the correct fuel for good metabolism. Imagine your body saying “Thank you I have enough of everything to be healthy and I can now release this extra fat I stored when you stressed me out by not eating!”