Body Biotyping

Christian Bates BSc (Hons), DO, ND

Body Biotyping is a way of finding patterns in your physical, emotional and psychological characteristics and using them to improve your health, mainly using, but not limited to nutritional advice.

Each of us will be dominated by a different hormone gland the pituitary, the thyroid, the adrenals, or the gonads as we develop. The hormones from these glands cause different patterns of growth, different weight gain areas, different food cravings, different emotional characteristics and ultimately in lends a clue as to what foods and mix of foods is most healthy for you as an individual.

This is NOT a one diet fits all processes, it is a way of narrowing down the right food mix just for you.

Lets look at an example. A thyroid type (who has certain physical patterns that will determine them as a thyroid type) was the first type of person in evolutionary terms to be on the planet. The clue this gives is that they would have lived a hunter-gatherer life style so their diet would have been very high protein, particularly in the form of meat from the animals they hunted. Thyroid types would also thrive on a heavier protein breakfast as the animals from the "kill" the day before would have been eaten the next day too. Thyroid types will do well on lower carbohydrates, particularly low on grains, as these would not have even be grown at this time. This is a brief snap shot of what can be deduced by knowing your Body Biotype.

You can learn:

• Foods to eat
• Foods to avoid
• Why you crave particular foods
• Why you gain weight in a particular area
• What type of exercise suits you best

Body Biotyping is included in Metabolic Typing. Click here to learn more about Metabolic Typing