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The Perrymount Studio is there to help you proactively look after yourself in the longterm with the help of our excellent professionals. Once we have looked after you with treatment of pain and injuries we can guide you with prevention and maintenance for your health and mobility.

Our studio is for small class only taking only 6 - 8 clients at a time. It is our mission to make sure that you will get individual attention at each class. Our instructors have a firm belief that they want to help you individually to make sure you achieve the exercise in the best possibly way for you.

We are just starting out with our classes launch but will have more times and other classes on the way, including yoga, meditation / mindfulness, baby massage, creative writing classes and more…

Click here to book our Pilates classes online. Please note there are very limited spaces! —>

Class timetable


Pilates with Gordon 5 - 6 pm


Foundation class with osteopath Jacqui Black 9.15 am


Yoga with Justine 9.15 am
Pilates with Anna 10.30
Pilates with Gordon 12 - 1 pm


Pilates with Anna 9.15 am
BackActive with Jacqui 10.30 am


Midwife led mother and baby drop in clinic *** COMING SOON ***


BackActive with Jacqui. Thursday mornigs. Times coming soon

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Coming soon to The Perrymount clinic BackActive wellness sessions. Date to be confirmed.

What are BackActive wellness sessions?

BackActive wellness sessions are small group sessions designed to help restore a healthy, moving, functioning back. Our backs are not as strong as they used to be as our modern lives of sofas, cars, tablets, computers, mobile phones and commuting all take their toll. Gravity and sitting for long periods of time shorten and weaken muscle groups and reshape joints. The BackActive sessions use a combination of neuromuscular movements and exercises to re-engage our wiring to the right parts of our bodies.

What do the sessions involve?

These sessions only have a maximum of 6 participants as we need more space to move around. Interactive and fun! During the session you will use mats and Swiss balls, all provided. All you need to bring is loose comfortable clothing and be prepared to go barefooted.

Do I have to be fit?

BackActive wellness sessions are suitable for all ages, sizes, sexes and fitness levels.

Call 01444 410944 to register your interest in the group sessions. Any questions please ask! Call 01444 410944 to register your interest in the group sessions. Numbers are limited so book early. You will need to complete an exercise medical questionnaire prior to starting. All medical conditions must be declared.

Yoga Fundamentals Wednesdays 9:15-10:15 with Justine

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A gentle class exploring a range of yoga postures focused on helpful functional movement, developing strength and mobility, with a consistent emphasis on cultivating a relaxed, fluid breath. You will feel like you have moved, stretched and strengthened your whole body. We end with a gentle relaxation, so you go out and enjoy the rest of your day feeling limber and relaxed.

I offer individual modifications and options so the class is accessible and suitable for anyone with a basic level of mobility, even working with some injuries and health conditions. Please contact me to check if the class is right for you if you have any injuries or health conditions that may be of concern.

Justine is taking bookings for these classes directly

Enquiries and bookings:
mobile: 07756 870345

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The Perrymount Clinic
Unit 5
Hurstwood Grange
Hurstwood Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7QX

01444 410944

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