This Blog is by Christian Bates about recent his Naturopathic and nutritional Avatar scan experiences. Please read on...

I have had more naturopathic consultations than usual over the last few months which has been great for me as I really enjoy helping people at this deeper level with their health. And the results have been great so it’s also been good news for my clients too.

I have seen IBS, tiredness, fatigue, autoimmune disorders and neurological problems.

A few phrases said to me by the recent clients have stayed in my memory, maybe they resonant with you:

“I just don’t feel myself but can’t figure out why”

“I don’t feel as good as I used to”

“I’m not ill enough to see the doctor but lack energy and enthusiasm”

“I’m sooo tired!”

“I want to feel stronger and healthier for my children and I been exhausted ever since having them”.

My Naturopathic consultation includes an advanced scan using an EAV device called "The Avatar" which measures the energetic health of internal organs (stomach, thyroid, heart etc) via the acupuncture system. It’s quick, non-invasive and painless.

Importantly it allows us to dig deeper to find the CAUSE of an issues rather than superficially looking at the symptom. For example, in IBS we can see if more help is required by the stomach, small intestine or large intestine. Each benefits from a different approach and different supplements.

We can also see if the cause behind this is from stress in the nervous system or hormone system and therefore know we have to address these in the future to get a complete and holistic improvement.

Back to the title of this Blog “Are you vertically ill”. The meaning of this is that you are walking around and getting on with life but want to feel better doing what you are doing. You are essentially not really ill, as in laying down in bed and therefore horizontally ill. If you were this ill you’d go to the GP or hospital and they'd be helping you.

However, you aren’t ill enough for this. Maybe your blood tests don’t even show anything wrong but you know there is something not quite right and you want to be that little bit better, or feel “like you used to” like a mum said to me a few weeks ago.

The avatar scan combined with nutritional / naturopathic approaches are great for these types of issues.

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