The use of Acupuncture to treat Caesarean scars

There is very little advice given and few treatments offered which can help with the healing of scars and the surrounding scar tissue following a caesarean section.

Some women, even years after giving birth, still feel some tightening and soreness around their scar. Not all caesarean scars will cause a problem, but I have treated many women who have experienced local tenderness, strange numbness and tingling, restricted movement, issues with digestion and referred back pain as a result of their scar.

The collagen fibres that bind the wound and form the scar are not as flexible as the original tissue and may create torsion in the surrounding layers of skin during the healing process. 

Some women develop adhesions which are the attachment of one tissue to another that was not intended in our original design. This can affect internal organs and may cause issues for future pregnancies.

How can Acupuncture help?

  • Increases micro circulation and improving the stimulation of blood flow to the area.
  • Helps to release any trapped fluids and local stagnation.
  • Help to break up the underlying scar tissue fibres.
  • Promotes healing by encouraging the production of healthy tissue.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves the appearance of the scar.
  • Helps to eliminate pain in the surrounding area and any referred pain due to the tightening of connective tissue.

Induction success with Acupuncture

We have had a number of success stories this month helping to bring babies into the world naturally. Many of our mums have been wanting to avoid chemical induction and we have been able to help the process along. Acupuncture can be an effective treatment to stimulate the natural onset of labour in post-term babies by encouraging blood flow to the uterus and invigorating the descending energy necessary to ripen the cervix and encourage baby along. This treatment is also a valuable support for the emotional and mental wellbeing of the mother.
We are getting more and more referrals from local midwifes as this treatment gains recognition and support from the biomedical profession.
If you have any questions about this treatment, please get in touch.

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