Midwife led ante-natal classes with The Pregnancy Coaching Company & The Perrymount Clinic

Venue: The Perrymount Clinic Studio
Saturday 20th July 9.45 am - 4.30 pm
September 14th
October 12th
November 16th

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About Our Classes

Time: 09.45 am - 4.30 pm

  • Midwife-led intensive one day antenatal class in Haywards Heath
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Dads or birth partners included
  • Includes a one hour breastfeeding support session with Midwife Jennie in your home
  • Expert postnatal support from The Perrymount Professional Team with over £100 of vouchers for treatments as a thank you for attending our course
  • Includes lunch and refreshments
  • WhatsApp group monitored by our midwifes and baby health experts
  • Our antenatal class will help you navigate the confusing world of pregnancy and birth
  • Fun and friendly
  • Fully insured midwife using research based Nice guidelines and local trust policies.

As part of The Perrymount Antenatal course you will also receive these amazing bonus vouchers

  • Vouchers worth over £100 with The Perrymount Clinic for the continued health of you and your new family. Including;
  • £20 voucher for massage for mum and dad (massage with Leanne)
  • £20 off your first cranial osteopathy appointment for baby with Christian
  • £10 off your first osteopathy treatment for a new mum (spine and pelvis check)
  • Free baby weigh in on Friday's in the Studio with midwife Emma
  • Free 30 minute Express Caudalie facial for mum (upgrade to 1 hour for only £30)

Why choose The Perrymount Antenatal Class?

In the second half of your pregnancy you can attend The Perrymount Antenatal Class along with other parents-to-be to find out more about labour, birth and how to look after a newborn.

You can come to the class by yourself, or with your birth partners, family or friend (2 people).

We have specifically designed this intensive course (6 hours) following NICE guidelines and local trust policies.

We have chosen to run our classes on a Saturday to cater for working parents who can not make weekday/evening classes.

Our class is midwife led with Jennie Starkey who is a full time midwife at our local hospital The Princess Royal.

Jennie will bring her 25 years of knowledge to you and also her absolute current understanding of what goes on in the hospital you will most likely give birth at.

Midwife Jennie currently works at Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath and can also offer FULL CASE-LOADING CARE through her work as a Private Midwife. She is also a Breastfeeding Counsellor and teaches local staff in Maternity departments.

Midwife Emma works at Crowborough Birth Centre and runs our Baby Wellbeing Clinics at The Perrymount on Friday mornings. Free to drop in! Every Friday from 10.00 hrs.

What will you learn at The Perrymount antenatal class

Preparing to give birth

You will learn relaxation techniques, pain relief options and the different stages of labour to help you prepare for the big day. All of this will be invaluable when you come to writing your birth plan. If you’re still making up your mind about where you’d like to give birth, we can help you to find the best place for you as we have a wealth of local knowledge of all the services available, whether in hospital, at home or in a water pool.

Making friends

For some, the most important reason to sign up to a class is to meet other expectant parents who live locally. It can provide a reassuring social group made up of people who know what you’re experiencing. Both mums and dads to be attending our classes have created lasting friendships long after the teaching has finished.

Looking after your baby

Antenatal classes can be a great place to get that first introduction to life with a new family member. The Perrymount Antenatal classes will cover feeding, sleeping and common baby health questions.We will teach you all about different positions for breastfeeding and how to know if your baby is latched on correctly. You will also learn how to feed responsively which is essential in the early days of motherhood, so we have a practical hand expressing session included during the day. And don't worry dads will be asked to leave the room for this and any other part of the course that mums may want privacy over. We can also provide breastfeeding support at home in your early days if required (packages and single appointments available).


Keeping active during pregnancy can help you feel healthy and some exercise classes are specifically designed to help you prepare for childbirth.
Prenatal yoga and pilates are popular pregnancy classes as they can help you learn to relax and stretch in a safe way.
The Perrymount offers pregnancy yoga and pilates classes that we recommend are attended from your second trimester onwards.
It’s also worth considering swimming and aquanatal classes too when you’re pregnant, as the water reduces the weight on your joints, making it easier for you to keep active. We work closely with local providers and have the best deals and voucher codes available.

When you you sign up to our class?

We recommend you attend our Midwife Led Antenatal Class anytime from 34 weeks until your delivery. As our course are so popular we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited! Early bird discounts apply!

What can I expect at The Perrymount's Antenatal Class?

Our unique class has been designed by Midwives using NICE guidelines and local hospital policies. We will ensure you are fully prepared for parenthood with a series of teachings and practical sessions. Our classes are detailed, educational, fun and friendly. You will be given free beverages during the day and a healthy lunch and snacks will be provided. You will be given an information pack to take away full of the latest information. This extensive pack will include vouchers and discount codes for our affiliated services and treatments at The Perrymount Clinic. No other classes offer such extensive post-natal support. You will also be entitled to discounted Midwife Breastfeeding sessions and Postnatal Midwife Support Packages. The Perrymount also runs a free baby weigh in every Friday morning in their studio space which is attended by a midwife.

Is there any continued support after the class?

YES! And yes again… :-) The Perrymount Clinic is the number 1 private support clinic for babies and new families locally. We strive and take pride in our services offering the maximum help. We feel continued support for new families is essential - you will be invited to join a secret WhatsApp group just for the members of your class. This will enable you to ask questions to the Midwives, read relevant information, ask any questions and most importantly arrange coffee with your classmates. This group is optional and no information will be shared out of the group.

The Perrymount Clinic also offers baby help with cranial osteopathy, birth therapy with Emma one of our midwives, osteopathic help for the new mum, pregnancy massage, baby massage, hypnobirthing and we have more plans!


Did you know that The Perrymount Clinic has a fantastic reputation for looking after babies that might be excessively crying, have colic or not sleep well? We have you fully backed up once you have had your baby and we even provide lots of vouchers to help you along with our other services. Make sure you grab you clinic goodies pack.

About your antenatal team

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Jennie Starkey RN RM Dip HE

Company Director, Antenatal teacher, Breast-Feeding Counsellor, NHS Breastfeeding Key Trainer and Post-Natal Expert.

Hi, Im Jennie and I am a qualified Nurse, Midwife and Breast-feeding Counsellor.
I have a wide range of expert maternity skills and have worked in many NHS and Private Hospitals since I qualified in early 1990s.

I am currently practicing at Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath, West Sussex - but have vast experience as trained and worked in Kings College Hospital before moving back to Sussex following the birth of my first child in 1998.

I am a Mother to 3 amazing children - Matt, Amelia and Issy - and wife to the long-suffering Si, who is my rock and support manager. We live in Mid-Sussex with our puppy Ted and cat Liberty, who we rescued nearly 20 years ago!

I love all things babies and birth….And following the removal of NHS run antenatal education, I felt the need to educate local women overwhelming — so The Pregnancy Coaching Company was born.

I have been teaching antenatal classes for over 20 years, in London and Mid-Sussex. I have seen how labour has changed over the past 20 years and am proud to say that The Pregnancy Coaching Company has been specifically designed incorporating the latest NICE guidelines and local Trust policies. They are modern, friendly and above all fun.

I guarantee you will make new friends, and your baby will have play-mates the same age to grow with. Partners/friends are included too as we feel they provide invaluable support for you.

I have worked at Kings College, Lewisham, Bromley, Brighton and Haywards Heath, where I am currently working on Labour Ward. I have vast midwifery experience, from running Teenage Pregnancy Clinics in South London, to running the Post-Natal Ward in 2 separate NHS Trusts in the South of England. I have also worked in Community, providing Homebirth's and Caseloading and in clinics where antenatal checks have developed hugely.

I am a member of the Royal College of Midwives, The Nursing Midwifery Council and FEDANT (The association of Antenatal Educators).

All this knowledge and skill have been expertly used in setting up of The Pregnancy Coaching Company and I have now teamed up with The Perrymount to provide Antenatal Classes for first time mums, refresher classes for second time mums and Twins classes for multiples.
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Christian Bates

Christian is an osteopath, naturopath and owner of The Perrymount Clinic. Christian will be at the class briefly to introduce you to the variety of other help The Perrymount Clinic can offer you, particularly in the first few weeks with your new baby.
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Carolyn Nicholas

Carolyn is a natural chef and Functional Medicine Coach in training. She will give you a quick talk on diet and nutrition for yourself and your baby so you can stay happy and health with your new baby.

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View our Antenatal class sylabus


Setting up of WhatsApp group



  • Final stages of pregnancy
  • Birth Planning
  • Partners role in preparing for labour
  • Early signs of labour
  • Coping at home in early labour
  • When to call the maternity unit
  • Induction of labour





  • Normal labour
  • Natural strategies
  • Interventions - what they are, and what they mean
  • Positions and movements & Breathing and relaxation
  • Natural birthing
  • Interventions/Induction
  • Golden hour
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Skin to skin
  • Special Care Baby unit
  • Transitional care for babies
  • Vitamin K
  • Labels and NHS number


Food and drinks provided



  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • Getting started
  • Milk supply
  • Positioning & attachment
  • Feeding cues
  • Common Breast-feeding problems
  • When to seek advise
  • Storage of breast milk
  • Formula feeding including preparing and storage








  • Baby Early Days
  • Weight issues
  • Cord care
  • Rashes
  • Jaundice.
  • Nappy changing
  • Nappy rash
  • Bathing
  • Swaddling - temperature regulation


  • Post-natal wellbeing.
  • What to expect inc bleeding, infection, blood clots, headaches
  • Baby blues
  • Who can help?
  • Importance of baby massage



Postnatal nutritional support and support available from The Perrymount Clinic


  • End of day/ feedback questionnaire
  • Goody bags
  • Handouts
  • Voucher codes
  • Information on where to hire tens machines and breast pumps

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