Body Biotyping

Christian Bates BSc (Hons), DO, ND & Carolyn Nicholas Natural Chef

Are you confused about nutrition?

Every day we hear experts telling us about the latest wonder diet. One day we read that a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrate will help us shed excess weight, increase our vitality and address disease and the next day we hear another expert saying that a low fat, high carbohydrate diet will prevent heart disease and help us to lose weight!

Do you have a friend that eats whatever they like but doesn’t put on weight?

Do you know someone that can look at cake and put on weight? Maybe that’s you…

Do you feel tired when you eat certain foods? Or the wrong combination of foods?

Have you noticed how we are all different shapes?

How people gain weight on different areas? Their bum or boobs, or hips or thighs or both!

There’s a reason for all this and it’s down to your BODY BIOTYPE and your hormone pattern.

It's actually not necessarily about calories in and calories out. Much of how well we feel, weight gain, energy levels and how well we sleep is down to hormones.

We are all dominant in different hormones. And these hormones control our metabolism, our energy, our sleep, our weight, and even what area we gain weight on.

Once you understand these patterns, by finding out you Body Biotype you can address different lifestyles factors and foods and improve them all!


Ever noticed how you crave different things to your friends? What’s your craving? Chocolate, coffee, sweet foods, salty foods? Meat even?

There is a reason for this too! It’s your hormones and your Bodytype. Where you gain weight gives me a clue to this. Tummy fat is related to stress, stress is related to a hormone called cortisol, and cortisol will crave sugar and salt. Interesting… SO if you know you Bodytype, we can help you eat to avoid these detrimental cravings. We can even get you eating so you don’t have the cravings!

Weight loss clubs

This is the problem with weight clubs. And most diets in fact. They are one size fits all. All shapes and sizes and metabolisms. Everyone goes and gets the same diet and it’s usually restrictive and decreases calories in. And many times they don’t care about the health factors of the foods they tell you to eat. For example “diet” drinks are a “free” food! Terrible! Did you know that diet drinks are so sweet that they trick the body and actually make it more hungry and more likely to crave foods?

We don’t do that. We show you a healthy way to eat for WHO YOU ARE and it isn’t restrictive.


Have a look at these celebrities. They are all different Bodytypes and so with in our health guides they would all have a different food plan, different food ratios, different patterns to eating different size meals. They'd be better and differing sorts of exercise too. They'd have different cravings, different areas of weight gain and different foods to eat and avoid to support their different hormone types.

This is what we can do for you through a simple online survey that will take you about 5 minutes. Then give us 24 hours to put the advice together for you. Usually our response will be a lot quicker.

You will receive:

• Your Body Biotype
• An explanation of your "type"
• A history of your type and what it means for you and your health
• Food plan specific to your type
• Recipes to go with your food plan
• Any other tweaks to the food plan with think might be relevant to you
• Loads of tips for refining and improving the plan to suit you better

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"I've been eating a cooked breakfast every morning and I've still managed to lose 3lbs in the last 3 weeks, how strange is that!"

"I can't believe how much energy I have. I just feel like a different person"

"I've felt absolutely amazing since being on the metabolic typing eating program"

"I don't feel bloated or sluggish and my energy levels have really improved."

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