Dr Alison Grimston

Functional Medicine Doctor

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Dr Allie is an inspirational functional medicine and BHRT (BioIdentical Hormone Therapy) doctor who can help you to take back control of your health, life and hormones.

Dr Allie works online through Zoom and from her clinic in Haywards Heath.

Dr Alison’s dynamic and highly effective system of blending modern medicine with complementary therapies started when she broke her back at the age of 17. She soon found that painkillers were not enough to get her through, so she developed a personalised lifestyle plan using an integrated approach to medicine. She later trained in functional medicine, nutritional endocrinology, and BHRT to enable her to add more power to her practice.

Passionate about helping busy women to rebalance their hormones and their lives, Dr Alison uses a combination of diet and innovative lifestyle advice with bioidentical hormones (BHRT) to help women (and open-minded men) to get their health and their lives back.

Through her consulting packages, workshops, VIP days and mentoring, Dr Alison helps women who are struggling with hormone balance, anxiety and sleep problems through their own transformation to a VIBRANT life:

o Being clear on their Big Vision
o Gaining an Insight into how their physiology is out of harmony
o Regaining a vital Balance both internally and externally
o Understanding and embracing the need for Rest & Relaxation (hint: lack of sleep upsets hormone balance!)
o Connecting to Activities they love
o Discovering the real power of Nutrition (it’s not just about energy boosts!)
o And harnessing their true inner power

Dr Allie is at The Perrymount at these times

  • Tuesday - 8.30 am - 1.00 pm

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Clinic map

The Perrymount Clinic
Unit 5
Hurstwood Grange
Hurstwood Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7QX

01444 410944

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