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The Perrymount Massage & Osteopathy Club A monthly subscription for your physical and mental wellbeing

  • "I have to say I haven’t had the extreme pain since the laser treatment"

  • "So friendly! Thank you"

  • “I found the whole experience amazing and my osteopath very knowledgable x”

  • “I am very fortunate to have found an excellent osteopath at The Perrymount Clinic. Easy parking, friendly people, delightful setting all combine to make treatments an enjoyable experience.”

  • “It was explained what was happening in my body and I was treated to stop the pain and I was given exercises to keep the pain away.”

  • “Excellent service. Thank you!”

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The Perrymount Massage Club is a monthly subscription of £49 where you have a massage once per month and after each 6 month cycle you get a free massage and so save yourself £49.

Or you have a monthly subscription of £98 and have 2 massages per month and have a free massage every 3 monthly cycle.

The idea behind this is that you know every month you have set aside 55 minutes to look after yourself with the incredible benefits of massage. Just think… A massage every month :-)

It makes us happy just thinking about it. Doesn’t it seem like an idea you should have done before? Or rather we should have done before!

We are having more and more patients come in to see us saying they want to make more of an effort to continuously look after themselves.

The research on the benefits of massage are huge. And the bonus is that it feels incredible and all you have to do is show up and lay down. It’s literally one of the easiest things you can do for yourself. We are passionate about helping people through natural health and massage is simply one of the most amazing ways we can help you and how you can help yourself.

Massage is know for the following benefits.

Releases muscle tension
Helps sports injury recovery
Increases flexibility
Relaxing and de-stressing
Increases blood circulation
Promotes healing
Aids lymphatic drainage

Studies have shown massage helps:

Back pain
Shoulder pain
Arthritic pain
Fibromyalgia relief
Decreases stress hormones and so is relaxing
Improves immune system by lowering stress hormones like cortisol
Aids sleep

Use the links below to sign up to the monthly subscription.

Let me reassure you it is all done through a well known service provider called GoCardless. You can cancel at any time and of course you have direct access to us to ask any questions on 01444 410944.

This is the link to set up your monthly Direct Debit to join the club.

  • 1 massage (55 minutes) per month with free massage. £49 per month save £11 per massage. Benefits and savings £115 per 6 months

  • 2 massage (55 minutes) per month with 1 free massages. Save £11 per massage. £98 per month Direct Debit. Benefits and savings £137 per 6 months

  • 3 massage (55 minutes) per month with 1 free massage. Save £11 per massage. £147 per month Direct Debit. Benefits and savings £181 per 6 months

  • 4 massage (55 minutes) per month with 1 free massage. Save £11 per massage. £196 per month Direct Debit. Benefits and savings £225 per 6 months

If you have any questions at all please call 01444 410944 or email

We also have manual direct debits forms you can fill in at the clinic.

Osteopathy too…

It gets better! An osteopathy treatment with us is also £49 for the treatment. So you subscription also allows you to exchange a massage with an osteopathy treatment. You can of course have osteopathy every month if you like, you still get the free massage every 6 months as the bonus for joining our club.

Osteopathy is well known to help the following:

Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Shoulder pain
Foot and ankle pain
Hand and elbow pain
Hip and knee pain
Tennis and golfers elbow
Pain in pregnancy
And more…

Don't forget at The Perrymount Clinic you will have the added bonus of Shockwave and Laser therapy if appropriate for you at no extra cost in your osteopathy treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Massage & Osteopathy Club

Cancel anytime (free massage only after 6 months according to membership
Free massage can be gifted to a friend or family member
Also receive a 10% discount code for our online health shop
Massage can be with any of our massage professionals
 Can be swapped for an osteopathy treatment with any of our associates (Kayleigh, Kate, Freya and Richard)

Any other questions?
Please just ask, email:

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