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Lucinda is a trained Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist and uses essential oils in most of her face and massage treatments.

She qualified 23 years ago, starting her career at The Sanctuary, Forest Mere and Grayshott Hall Health spas. Since then she has worked in Health Clubs, Osteopathic clinics and doctors’ surgeries in Brighton and London.

​She lives in Hassocks with her husband and 2 children.

Lucinda's treatments

Natural Facial

A lovely treatment for your skin using natural products containing essential oils.

Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage inc. neck and shoulders too. A face mask is applied and sets whilst you have a relaxing hand massage. Finishes with a soothing moisturize and soothing eye gel.

Pure bliss, leaving you with clean, clear and silky skin!

£55 last for 1 hour.

Natural Facelift

A wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment using ayurvedic oils and essential oils. A deep massage on your face is give which works deep into lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead, lifting and regenerating the cell production in the whole face. The treatment finishes with a neck, shoulder and head massage, leaving you calm and stress free and your skin tone smooth and with a wonderful glow.

An enjoyable, indulgent, necessity!

£55 last for 1 hour

Meso Vytal

A revolutionary non injectable skin needling treatment that delivers incredible results. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and revive tired and dull skin. Using a vibrating machine with many tiny plastic needles. It delivers natural, valuable ingredients straight into the skin below the outer layer. You’ll be left with a visible reduction in fine lines with a wonderful glow and soft to touch.

Highly recommended!

£35 for 1st trial session

£60 thereafter in a block of 6 for best results

Session last 20-30 mins


Pregnancy Massage

An allover massage for ladies over 12 weeks of pregnancy, the massage will start with you lying on your side to have your back muscles gently massaged and stretched using grapeseed oil, moving onto your back, supported by pillows the massage will continue onto your legs, feet, arms, back and shoulders leaving your body to have a well earned rest and pamper and you to drift away!

£55 for an hour


An incredibly relaxing massage using essential oils, a blend is made up for specific including, relaxation, anxiety, stress, menopausal symptoms, skin conditions, digestion and muscles aches. This treatments is for the full body ending with a gentle head massage.

£55 for an hour

Radiant Rose Aromatherapy Massage & Facial

An hours massage on the full body using relaxing but firm strokes to soften any tight muscles and speed up circulation to eliminate toxins, leaving you feeling lighter and stress free. Finishing with a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate and massage on your face, neck, head and shoulders, using a Rose essential oil blend to lift your skin and your mind. You’ll float out of the room!

90 mins £80

Lovely Lavender Aromatherapy Massage & Facial

The same as the above treatment but using a blend with lavender essential oil
which helps with anxiety, insomnia and stress.
Leave your worries behind!

90 mins £80

Sensual Sandalwood Aromatherapy Massage & Facial

Same as the treatments above but using a Sandalwood essential oil which is
used in a lot of male grooming products as well as helping with relaxation and
mental clarity.

90 mins £80

Aromatherapy Massage

An hours full body using relaxing but firm strokes to unravel, unwind and renew you. A blend of oils is chosen specifically for your needs.

55mins £55

Natural Facelift Massage

A massage on your face using a blend of oils, using deep massage, manual £55 lymph drainage and acupressure points to revive your skin and facial muscles.
Results are amazing!

Natural Facelift with Aromatherapy Massage

90 mins £80

Detox Aromatherapy Massage

Starting with dry body brushing to get rid of dry skin and eliminate toxins, followed by massage with a blend of oils to aid detoxification. This massage is great for helping with cellulite and speeding up the removal of waste.
Expect to leave feeling rejuvenated!


Natural Facial using Neal Yard products

Your skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and massaged whilst your senses inhale the wonderful smells of the products. Finishing with a deep cleanse mask and a head, neck and shoulder massage. Bliss!



Detoxifying using Aromatherapy "You are what you eat" as the saying goes and obviously what you put in to your body has a massive effect on your levels of toxicity.

There are many ways to detox your body to rid of toxins with diet change being the number one, and treatments to encourage the removal of waste being another.

Aromatherapy massage is a brilliant way to aid the detoxification process, the treatment will start with some gentle skin brushing using a dry body brush, starting at your feet and working up the body towards your heart which encourages the blood flow which stimulates the lymphatic system that removes waste.

The dry body brushing which you can do at home is a brilliant way of getting rid of cellulite you can really focus on the key areas like the thighs and bottom using upward strokes. Cutting out fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol will aid the process too.

I will then mix up a blend of essential oils which may include Grapefruit, Fennel, Cypress or Peppermint, Lemon and Ginger. Which are good your circulation, digestion and lymphatic system. The oils are absorbed in through the skin using relaxing and soothing massage techniques on your back, legs, feet, stomach (optional) arms, head, neck and shoulders.

Your muscles and skin will be worked and pummelled and you'll be left feeling incredibly relaxed and lighter and ready to face the world!

A full consultation will be taken beforehand to make sure the oils are suited to you. Having this treatment regularly and drinking lots of water will help get the maximum result.

Baby Massage

The Benefits of Massaging your Baby

Infant massage is an ancient tradition used in many cultures that started hundreds of years ago in Asia. It’s relatively new in the western world only becoming popular here in the last 20 years. Research shows that loving and nurturing contact between caregiver and infant has a positive impact on their development and confidence, and promotes healthy touch. Infant massage is something that every caregiver can do and it provides benefits to both child and carer. One of the best advantages is that it relaxes you and your child, having a regular quiet time just you and your baby, with you making eye contact and speaking and singing along with the massage will enhance bonding between you both. It can promote communication between you, with your baby listening to you speak and watching your expressions, your baby may try to mimic you or join in with gurgles and raspberries!

Other benefits of baby massage include

Aids growth & development - your baby’s muscles will be strengthened and stretched to encourage growth and it encourages blood supply and oxygen to their organs and stimulates their nervous system.

Helps colic - massage encourages normal digestion and dispels trapped wind and relaxes stomach muscles

Soothes teething - gentle massaging around the gum area can help to relieve painful teeth and also massaging your baby in other areas can calm and detract them.

Improves sleep! - research has shown that massaging your baby at a regular time everyday (preferably before bedtime) will help them to settle easier and give them a deeper, better quality sleep

Baby Massage is coming to The Perrymount studio on a Tuesday at 10.30 (£40 for a 4 week course)

Phone reception to book, groups welcome (between 4-6 mums), NCT welcome


How long does it session last?

45min - to an hour

What do I need to bring?

A blanket or cover for the baby to lie on, preferably one you don’t mind a little oil on

What happens if my baby cries?

Don’t worry it happens! Just pick your baby up to soothe it and watch and if your baby’s ready to carry on later you can join back in, if your baby needs changing or feeding please feel fee to do this.

Do I need to provide oil?

No Lucinda will bring sunflower oil for everyone to use which is fine to use on babies, no known allergies but we will do a patch test first of all anyway.

What does my baby wear?

You’ll strip your baby down to their nappy once on the mats or they can be naked if you prefer, the room will be nice and warm

Lucinda Jones - Massage Therapist & Infant Massage Instructor

Lucinda is at The Perrymount at these times

Thursday - 8.30 am - 1 pm
Baby massage - Thursday's at 1.30 pm

To book an appointment please call 01444 410944 or click here to book online

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